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SlowMoney or No Money

May 26, 2010

A joke with a friend recently on the SlowMoneyfarm facebook page pondered if it was slow money or no money at the helm. Certainly there are times money is slow coming in and others it seems no money is a better description! However it’s not a means of giving up, despite occasional frustrations, lack of land, making the best of what is here and the day to day chores needed to keep that moving.

There are several things we’re trying for both local investors, which I haven’t found any in the middle part of the country, and those further away as well as sponsors. There’s a shopping page now with not only signups but photographs available for purchase, books and other items. There’s dried rosemary grown here and an ebook that gives those off the farm a look at agriculture and how food is grown. There’s sponsorship opportunities for turkey or duck or chicken rare breeds and memorials for loved ones. All of these funds go towards land and equipment.

There is also the things that can’t be bought, which we will attempt to capture over the next month or so. There’s developing the young man this whole project is for, who hasn’t had a personal connection to food into someone that is aware of several crops and knows how to grow them! He’ll participate with the fun stuff and not so fun stuff right along with us. That is what it’s about and especially when money’s tight there are lessons to be learned. With your support – much needed – it’ll give him a summer he won’t forget. We can’t bring his mom back but can sure help move on. That is more than money, and the best investment in lives of real people we can think of.

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