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pest control

June 8, 2010

These are a dangerous enemy of crops. If you look closely at the leaves they’re “skeletons” – the bugs have eaten the fleshy parts to the leaves, killing the leaves. For the health of the plants, these must be defended against so for the next month morning and evening means checking for these beetles and tapping them off the plant into a bucket of water. The grubs tear up the yard and they hatch in June. Last year they wreaked havoc on the rosa rugosa bushes so this year we’re starting earlier. With the plant loaded with rose hips it gives a fighting chance to rid it of the beetles. Without using sprays this is difficult.

These are the growing rose hips – a source of vitamin C and common in herbal tea. Because we eat, as well as eventually sell, our crops we don’t want to use sprays except as a very last resort. This takes effort to keep the crops protected. It is one of the things the public doesn’t generally see. Pest control is important and a controversial topic.

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