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Tuesday Terms – carriers

August 24, 2010

Carriers are a much misunderstood and misrepresented part of rabbit ownership.

This is our buck in a carrier with three ‘holes’ (spots). He’s on the end so you can see the wire on three sides with a solid divider on the right. This is *not* where he lives! This is a travel item – a safety seat if you will. They are in a small area to protect them from getting bounced around and injured. Rabbits are actually quite comfortable in their carriers. They sometimes have pellets or hay to nibble on, and there are small bottles that can attach to insure they have water. This is – again – NOT where the rabbit lives full time.

The above is a ‘hole’ of the living cage…normally rabbits are not together – when this photo was taken the doe (laying by the door) was in with the buck for breeding. Note the metal feeder and water bottle as well as plenty of room for the buck to stretch out and relax. There are many who represent that the carriers are living quarters and it just isn’t true.

Carriers are transport cages…designed to keep the animal in a fairly small area and reduce the chances of injury. Similar to a seat belt, child seat or security for our dogs, their carrier is protection in case of accident.

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