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Spam & Farms & Things That Don’t Fit

October 27, 2010

Lately I’ve noticed an increase on several blogs I do on spam postings in the comment sections. It irritates me but at the same time they clicked on the blog.

Now there’s times blogs of all types sell something. There’s things that can be related – but what about those things that aren’t? What about the car games ‘ad’ on a dog grooming post that the only comment is “nicely typed”. Nicely TYPED? It’s a computer font!

If I’m reading about any topic I really don’t pay much attention to bylines or signatures that sell something if it “blends in” – if it doesn’t scream “I’m different look at this”. I mean if I’m interested in something I’ll click on it.

Then it occurs that maybe “spam” is kind of like ” factory farm” “puppy mill” and “natural” – if we think it fits then it does. After all highly processed foods are from natural products. And last time I looked soybeans don’t have udders so without processing there’s no “milk” (which really is more juice than milk but I digress!).

Do you pay attention to advertisements online in blogs and other places? In a good way or not a good way?

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