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Saturday Sales

May 7, 2011

So often we get involved in the day to day work of chores and other tasks it’s easy to forget mentioning what we have for sale. While we enjoy what we do it’s not just to produce food, but to provide others with options to raise food.

Starting this off then is a group of young red pullets. Three of these are Jersey Giant sex linked cross, the others are ‘just pullets’ – lighter colored than Rhode Island Red, possibly NewHampshire or a crossbred, but good young pullets. These are late February/March 1 hatched pullets so you’ll have fresh eggs in just a few months. They’re over the heat lamps, brooders and fussy stage. They’re adapted to being outside but in a protected area for safety.

If interested and near Walker county Alabama, we have several of these nice young pullets for sale but act quickly! We also have fresh eggs for sale for those not interested in keeping their own hens.

We’ll have some other news in time – we though occasional posts that show what’s for sale as well as what we’re doing allow folks who are interested to take a more active part in their food production. Contact if interested!

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