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July Heroes

July 6, 2011

July and Independence Day is a time to look at history and veterans. Too often they become nameless faceless people who are taken for granted – much like those in agriculture we need them and depend on them daily, but too often don’t think about those injured, disfigured or killed.

The current issue of Grit magazine (July/August 2011) has an article about “Farmers Welcome Returning Veterans” that highlights the work of the Farmer-Veteran Coalition. It allows veterans to find work in agriculture, which is as diverse as veterans themselves. For too many facing injury the picture seems more bleak but there are resources for them too. Check out this video from Stephen Cochran, touching on the hope that is available.

Don’t overlook the VA if a veteran. For the many who aren’t – support of organizations like these can mean much. Thank you makes a difference…often in ways we don’t see. So rather than one person this month our heroes are US soldiers in whatever branch they serve. Thank you.

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