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September 23, 2011

Yesterday was a unique town hall that was held in multiple locations as well as online. A general recap appears here. This was an opportunity (and is ongoing!)There is more opportunity than ever to talk with farmers and get the real information direct from the source.

Most would recognize these images as being about farms:

Agriculture is diverse. These images are also agriculture!

What is a farm is as random of a question as what is a dinner. There are many food choices! There are many ways to farm! Both come down to food choices. Your food choices allow someone to farm to fulfill it. That might be a small operation where you know the farmer, or the large one unseen that provided the bacon that the restaurant served to you this morning.

A research poll showed several things that got my attention. 79% of consumers say farmers should consider healthy choices when planting – we do. 64% say keeping prices low is important. As a specialty market we try but choices can mean higher costs and therefore higher prices than that which is in the store market. This allows food choices for those who can afford it. It’s even beyond the 3/4 of Americans caring about what’s sprayed on farms and majority of farms that environmental issues are a big thing.

It’s the list of farmers perceptions vs what consumers want to know. Little wonder we’re sometimes “not getting anywhere”! Direct communication is awesome!

We’ll be addressing some of those questions/concerns from our vantage point in the weeks ahead. More than 2/3 are thinking of food on a regular basis – far more than we hear of!

This little corner of the world seems remote sometimes. We bred three does yesterday that with any luck will have 3 more litters a month from now. We’re working on some new projects, on increasing some sales to take things to the next step and of a new investment idea to allow getting land to expand on, which allows offering still more food choices.

Connor has secured for pickup at the ARBA Convention three Silver Fox does and a Champagne D’Argent doe – look for more information about these in the coming week also! More rare breeds coming to SlowMoneyFarm as his project.

We’ll be expanding the rabbit operation and are taking aim on having about 100 rabbits per month available as fryers for those wanting rabbit meat. This “employs” the rare breeds as well as helps with income for the operation here. We have a market for about 20 of those, so are taking additional orders for those restaurants or individuals in Nashville to Birmingham. The nearest processor will be up across the Kentucky line, but this will be done at an ‘official’ processor, insuring the cleanest meats available. Rabbit is lean, high protein dense meat that is delicious in soups and stews, as well as a variety of other dishes. In order to make it cost effective for all to transport to the processor it helps to have regular orders.

We’re working on some exciting things…and hope y’all will ‘come along’ through the social media connection. It allows our choices of where/what to farm and your choices in food. Thanks for taking those steps!

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