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Connor’s Corner – Preparing Show Chickens

September 26, 2011

One of the learning tools Connor is using is books and after recently reading “Practical Poultry Keeping” by David Bland he wanted to share what was learned about preparing chickens for show.

“With the American Poultry convention right around the corner, cleaning is a necessity for all birds entering the exhibition. Supplies required will be two clean, dry towels, a toothbrush that you no longer need or use and a blow dryer.

Fill a tub with comfortably hot water and put soap in the water. Gently wash the wings, back, tail, legs and head. Take great care to not break the primary or secondary feathers. With the toothbrush clean the legs, toes and talons. Once cleaned, rinse until all soap suds have drained off. With the towel, dry the bird carefully and not to squeeze it to death. Grab the second towel to absorb the remaining water. Once finished grab the blow dryer and dry the head and neck. If your bird has a long and thus heavier tail feathers, dry them next. After that’s done dry the chest and wings. ”

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