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Drugs in Livestock

September 26, 2011

So often we see many comments about the use of antibiotics in livestock. There is much misunderstanding and confusing information regarding this, and survey questions show it’s a concern with people.

To show how “rampant” it is, when I recently treated some bunnies I pulled out the camera to show you exactly how much and what is used. Corid is the product I’m using here. As noted on their page “CORID is approved for use in USDA Natural Beef and Never Ever 3 programs when used according to the label.2,3″

There is little available for rabbits specifically. We do not treat those rabbits we’ve separated out for meat for several reasons – the biggest being to keep it out of the rabbit’s system and no questions about contamination of the meat. Additionally because meat rabbits don’t get to their maximum weight, it’s a different situation. Our show and breeding rabbits, however, do need to gain to a minimum standard weight.

Coccidia is a killer. By the time signs are seen the damage is often done – physical damage to the animal. This can result in not growing as well, stunted development and by the time an animal is down sick it’s often too late to start treatment and the animal dies.

It is for this reason that we don’t go after organic certification, as we could not use measures such as this for the health of our animals. As mentioned in the video, we use a couple tablespoons in the water for several days – this makes a big difference in the growth and health. Also as noted this is one treatment perhaps per year – hardly the vastly used overdosing that critics say!

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