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A Day in Agriculture September 29 2011Morning.

September 29, 2011

This is an event to showcase individual farms in a way that each strand makes a cloth. As a small strand we’re up for the challenge!

By 6 a.m. Scoutman is up and gone – we’ve relied on his off the place work to keep the bills paid as we grow. This is shaken as the guy he’s worked for is having issues with divorce. If that leaves there’s really no attachment to stay in Alabama except that we have a roof here and can’t afford to move. Thus there’s an increasing push now to find investors, markets and get land so that if things go bad we have something besides worst case – losing everything. Talk about motivation!

It’s 7 a.m. and the day begins – I’m checking messages early, Connor’s up watering the birds and rabbits. The inside dogs have been out for morning relief. By 7:30 I’m out feeding the rabbits and checking feed levels on the poultry. The turkeys will need filled – they’re going through feed rapidly now! At the same time Connor’s cleaned up an ‘oops’ one of the dogs left by the door and is feeding the dogs.

Once the animals are fed and watered, we return to the house where by 8 Connor has breakfast cooking – sausage and toast. We’ve altered things a bit today as we have some things we need to tend to over the next few days and there is just us doing it. While he’s getting breakfast ready I erase some files on the video card, upload another short video clip, fire up Tweetdeck and update this again. By 830 Connor’s starting on his school work with reading some pages from “The Shepherds Trilogy” where he’s on “A Shepherd Takes a Look at the Lamb of God” for eight pages to start the day. I start with a passage from “Starting Your Day Right” by Joyce Meyer, a little reflecting and getting focused.

As Connor moves into finishing a report on the Revolutionary War for history I check a few forums and the slowmoneyfarm email. Communication on various fronts is something we depend on – so multi-tasking email, Twitter and Facebook postings to have a presence “everywhere” is key.

The morning continues as Connor moves into working on “Write & Sell Your Life Experiences” – learning to use stories to connect with people not just from a commercial standpoint as a writer (although target of the book) but also as a means of communication and English use. He’ll also be working on a blog post today. Suggested topic was his connection to agriculture – he said he didn’t have one. It’s going to be a long day!

In addition to the farm blog here I also maintain a Facebook and Twitter for the SlowMoneyFarm spot. Beyond that, to help other rabbit raisers learn social media, I launched PromoteTheRabbit as a blog, Facebook and website to help others learn how to effectively use social media to share rabbits with “the world”. This was a project undertaken following the AgChat Foundation 2.0 Conference last year, and it continues to take time to develop.

At just after 10 Connor’s lining up to work through the morning with his math, working on fractions, and ‘life science’ where he’s reading “NoBody’s Perfect”. Lots of reading, basics and some life skills too.

I’ll finish the morning working on two guest blog posts for Andrew Wilder’s Eating Rules blog, and try to get to an overdue blog post for Bellbottom Farm (sorry Melanie!) today, as well as skimming through agriculture/farm alerts for interesting things to share on Twitter. These things take time, but are “unseen” and sometimes viewed as “less important” than active animal care, crop tending etc. I see it as just as important because it allows all of us the ability to farm when people understand and want what we produce. When the “ordinary consumer” or restaurant or other person or business comes forth with something we can do or answer or help them understand it’s an awesome feeling!

Now….to those finish-the-morning tasks…and part two this afternoon!

And a look at roots of a different kind – SunnyBank Farm in Illinois:

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