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Day In Agriculture September 29 2011 Afternoon-Evening

September 29, 2011

Part one this morning was enough activity for many people! That’s only part way through here! After a lunch of leftover spaghetti and garlic toast, followed by two cookies for ‘dessert’ we tackled the afternoon chores.

Connor had to finish his math and his pet/ag reading, currently in progress (for both of us!) is “Animals in Translation”, an insightful but not completely correct book from Temple Grandin. I say with some certainty it’s not completely correct due to a passage that says brown eggs come from brown hens and white eggs from white hens. (That is not always true! White Rocks, Wyandottes and others can lay brown eggs, and Anconas and brown Leghorns lay white eggs.) Still, a lot of interesting information in the book. I finished two of the three guest blog posts (still need to finish/send the one to Bellbottom farm).

With “inside stuff” done we headed outside. Finished cleaning under the ‘maternity pens’ and put down a tub of wood chips under it. Turned the piles under the pens inside, cleaned up some manure where the maternity pen was before and moved all the manure to the compost bin. Soil, leaves, bedding, manure mix together for compost that is awesome in raised beds. Took a minute to shoot a short video of it.

Once that was done we turned to other types of cleanup – burning paper feed bags and other burnables along with a pile of leaves and organizing our ‘junk pile’ (doesn’t everyone have one of those?!) in the back area.

It was then time to do evening chores, insuring everyone had feed and water.

Scoutman got home about 6:30 p.m. He and Connor began lighting a grill fire (we use wood) to cook some steaks and potatoes for dinner. I’m working on uploading the videos for this, some more social media posts, still formulating a blog post to complete yet tonight.

It’s now past 7:30 p.m. – dinner’s ready, things are winding down, but I still have some office work to do planning further marketing issues to raise some funds for convention. Some unexpected events have threatened even being able to go, and it means shaking some funds loose soon to make entries in time. This is in addition to regular expenses of feeding, bedding and household expenses.

I hear people talk about rich farmers and look around and consider those I know. I don’t see it, at least not from a monetary standpoint. Of course not everything is about money but perhaps a few more hours effort will make it closer to goal.

Thanks for ‘visiting’!

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