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Seametrics Top 50 Blogs

October 1, 2011

I received an email yesterday and wanted to share!

My name is Charles and I wanted to let you know that Slow Money Farm was selected to our list of Top 50 Farm Blogs based on recommendations from other farm bloggers and because we think your blog provides great content for people interested in farming. You can read our review of your blog and see the list at at ”

First thank you to those who recommended me! I don’t know who all had input into that but it’s greatly appreciated to be so mentioned, and a challenge to remain worthy of it. Seeing the group of folks, with several familiar names included, is humbling! The Farmer Bloggers, Ag Proud and other blogs are incredible and to be included in that list is a big compliment.

Secondly that challenge remains. Making posts that make us think just like comments that make me think. There is no exact 100% in agriculture and we’re always learning – but posting doesn’t do any good if no one reads it so thank you to those who do!

Lastly a shoutout and thanks to Seametrics – I can’t think of much that is more critical to agriculture than water, be it crops or livestock. Efficient use of it is so important! As we look to water collection systems as a future project, it’s with efficient water use that is a key factor!It’s something we all rely on.

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