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Role Models September

October 5, 2011

It’s time to bring this back! This month there’s two up for being featured – both very much the kind of people we usually like to be around! Both are very much in the public eye right now. Both would welcome the support and are active in social media.

The first is “Big Vinny” – best known as 1/3 of the Trailer Choir, he’s a big presence that is getting smaller but will always be big hearted. As a contestant currently on the Biggest Loser, Vinny seeks to lose weight in a competition that is extremely public and is motivated for health reasons. He takes food choices to a new and visible level!

It’s easy to sit back eating dinner and watch his workouts – but anyone who has tried to lose weight knows it’s not just about working out and eating less. It’s physical but it’s mental too. Believing in yourself and in those around you makes a big difference. As a writer he brings this forward in songs. As a performer he does things like this:

I don’t normally watch a lot of television – so tracking two shows on websites is out of character for me! Take a minute, leave some encouragement for him on his social media spots.

The other, also in the public eye, is J.R.Martinez. I met JR at a video shoot a few years ago for Stephen Cochran’s WalMart Flowers song, and have watched him since. He’s been a veteran, a spokesperson and speaker, an actor on All My Children and now is in Dancing With The Stars, where I know he’ll do awesome!

His story:

And his current (at this writing) performance:

Some other thoughts well worth the listen!

There aren’t many times we get to honor and thank those who inspire but both are deserving here. I hope you’ll join me in supporting them both through their respective competitions and beyond!


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