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How Will You Change The World

October 6, 2011

Since the news broke last night of the passing of Steve Jobs, tributes fill tweets, Facebook status messages and blogs. There will be magazine tributes. Steve Jobs was an original grass roots success story.

His history is one of goal setting, of always not only setting the standard but raising that standard. He brought computers into homes and made them user friendly – I learned on a Mac. If making home computers was all he had accomplished he revolutionized the computer industry. He didn’t stop.

Did he succeed everywhere? No…but he didn’t feed failure or apathy. He brought iPhones and iPads to daily life for millions. After the AgChat Conference this year I looked at an iPad – still out of my financial reach but someday!

He expanded to Pixar – which brought films like Toy Story, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Cars and A Bug’s Life. The entertainment value for adults and kids alike is incredible.

So with an eye towards making a difference he not only accomplished the goal set but literally revolutionized communication. It changed the world of communication – making it possible for a small, pocket object to not only allow you to talk to anywhere in the world but to check your email, look up a website and listen to enough music to drive from border to border – all convenient and relatively easy to use.

Somewhere along the line he needed money – investors. Those who were there early on may or may not have known the dizzying heights it’d have been taken to, but surely made a profit. Some critics no doubt said “you have no degree, you have no experience – it’ll never work.

Many look at Steve Jobs’ history with envy, or “wish I could do that”. Pick something. Be brilliant!

He made it possible for agnerds to have conferences to better learn tools to reach the public. He gave inspiration to those of us trying to do something different and finding those critics.

What a different world we’d have if he’d have listened and given up! While he’s a celebrity, a visionary leader, an entrepreneur and many other things – he’s also a husband, a father, a son. Family matters and will remember him much differently than we do. May they find comfort and may there be someone else out there who learns those lessons – and continues the quest in their own way. iHeaven indeed.

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