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12 Ways You Can Help SlowMoneyFarm

October 12, 2011

There are often people who want to help towards our goals. There are protests on Wall Street against corporations. Thousands of people – 3,000 in one area, although from some interviews it doesn’t seem like some are there for any reason other than taking part. For those 3,000 surely they know 10 people each so they can influence – now we’re at 30,000. Now each of those 30,000 add $20 there’s how much to finance competition for those corporations – although we don’t develop/sell cell phones and iPads. Still, one effort of $600,000 with a minimum of the public – that’s a great deal of help for small businesses!It takes action! Not talking, not protesting what you don’t want but putting your money where you DO want.

This is with an extremely small portion of the population. Some research this morning showed for an Alabama rabbit processing area it appears to be a roughly $2million investment – and large businesses aren’t interested as it’s not a large enough market for the Tyson and Cargills of the world, but still provides food choices.

I’ve also spent part of the morning multi-tasking listening to the live feed from the Slow Money conference. I’m hearing about investment clubs being formed to make loans to agriculture.

At the same time I’m reading and hearing these things I’m thinking of the challenges we’re facing. There’s small ones immediately and large ones ahead. Immediate includes getting feed this weekend, paying the phone and power bill, getting some additional breeding does to take it to the next stage through the open door, preparing for winter (including stocking up hay – finding good alfalfa 900# bales for $110-130 plus delivery, but unfortunately we’re at a temporary ‘down’ point, and don’t have the $400-500 for a trailer to go get it), juggling groceries. No one’s doing without – but it’s tighter than it’s been in some time. Before ‘crisis stage’ it’s worth an effort to do an ‘untraditional’ post! Even the batteries in the wireless mouse cost money (and need replaced!).

Without further chit chat –

1.Purchase a photo or photo set. These make great decorating ideas for businesses or homes, as well as gifts. They’re all original photos – $80 for a group of 3 or $30 for a single. Choose from sunsets, flowers, rural images, cattle or “artsy” reversed images that have a burst of color. 8×10 photos. These are processed and sent to you direct from Walgreens and ordered as soon as your Paypal clears.  Option right now – if you want to help but don’t want the photo we can donate it in your name to a raffle at the ARBA Conference later this month.

2.We have two Muscovy male ducks for sale $12 each – hatched August 2010. Delivered between Cullman AL and Indianapolis IN on I65 corridor for $5 on the 28th.

3.Purchase a 5×7 set – these photos are original photographs with Biblical verses put on the photo. They’ll come in a set of 7 for $100. These actually will help not just SlowMoneyFarm but also my niece, Audrey Hoadley, a student at Eureka college in Illinois. Two for one! It helps the farm but also helps with education expenses for someone who will one day be educating the next generation. Win-win!

4. Connor has three extra Silkie roosters he’ll chip towards the Convention trip – $10 each. One is a partridge, one is black with white on the neck and another tinted white. 100% of this goes towards improving his herd/flock. Delivered between Cullman AL and Indianapolis IN on I65 corridor for $5 on the 28th.

5. Midget White male turkey – will sell 2 of our boys – $25 each. These are this year’s birds. Delivered between Cullman AL and Indianapolis IN on I65 corridor for $15 on the 28th.

6.Three Giant Chinchilla bucks for sale – $25 each. These would be good for crossbreeding on New Zealand or Californian does. Born June 27.

7. Rural Ramblings of SlowMoneyFarm – a collection of stories and posts from the blog archives, with a few new ones! Includes the cookbook – delivered in pdf format to any email address. $15 for both.

8.Small home flock of layers – 4 young red hens, hatched April 2011. $60. Can be delivered between Cullman AL and Indianapolis IN on I65 corridor for $10 on the 28th.

9.Giant Chinchilla show rabbit – we’ll have several good young bucks available in Indy. They cannot be removed from the facility until the morning of November 2nd, preferably before 8 a.m. so we can get back on the road to Alabama. They’ll be available to see at the show – junior (under 6 months) and intermediate (6-8 months). $75 each. We’ll have four of the “storm bunnies” available – they’ll just barely be into the intermediate class by a few days, so probably the youngest in the class.

10. Shares. We have a variety of levels from trials to restaurant levels. With the support of 20 restaurants we’re flying well on land. Contact us at if interested – custom raised for you.

11. Sign up for a custom raised garden bed. Can be planted with herbs, delivered now or in the spring (contract insures follow through). We use our own compost in the beds so no chemical fertilizers used or needed. Birmingham AL to Nashville, if there’s interest in at least four can go as far as Lexington, Louisville, Memphis.

12. Sponsors are welcome also – $45 for poultry and $30 for rabbit sponsors. These funds go directly towards the purchase of key individuals to further the farm – including Cornish chickens, Welsh Harlequin and Ancona ducks, possibly another variety of turkey. We’re also hoping to add a good Rhode Island Red, Dominique and Black Australorp cockerel to improve our flocks by the end of the month – but that’s rocky right now. Rabbit wise, we’re aiming to bid on a trio of the meat pens with does in them (starting bid is $100), Champagne D’Argent and a couple of unrelated Giant Chinchilla does. The meat pens (a competition) will not be used for meat themselves, but rather for production of meat rabbits, for which we’re finding a growing demand for. These will be done by the end of the month, and new additions of course will be featured right here along with ‘on the road’ posts. Connor’s also seeking to get a Silver Fox buck – he’s already got three nice does paid for.

For the purchase birds/rabbits – you *MUST* pay now and be available to meet us on the 28th along I65. We don’t have space to hold these in Indy and do not want them in a shipping crate for several days.

We appreciate customer support, and are always looking to expand what we can do. In the coming months the operation will need to take on an increasing income due to some things reducing other income that are out of our control. We’ll roll with it and go on but “get by with a little help from our friends” is more than a song lyric!

And one more way that doesn’t cost anything – tell others about us – especially those who might be interested or able to purchase. Have a favorite restaurant in Nashville, Lexington or Louisville that may be interested in rabbit? Have them contact us. We have one pending in Birmingham Alabama! We’re working hard to get production bumped up, thus the need for additional does.

Progress is good! With blessings and support this time next year we could be feeding our own hay, providing multiple restaurants and individuals with good food, helping support another small business and much more – all while still remaining a small piece of the food puzzle!


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