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Wall Street or Main Street – or County Roads!

October 18, 2011

As the OccupyWallStreet enters a month it is something we’ve not commented on directly. Much like food choices we all have choices when we spend our money. When we give up our right to choose then we have reduced choices as competition goes out of business. So people are protesting the big bad corporations having an unfair advantage. Who gave them that advantage? The government? perhaps some…but more than that it’s you and I.

It’s everyone who scrambles for the latest fastest greatest computer, gadget, hottest toy or new movies. Guess what – they’re all CORPORATE productions! So as I think about it much rings hollow.

People are using (corporate) cell phones on (corporate) airwaves to operate communications. They got to the protest using (corporate) airplanes or (corporate) vehicles powered by (corporate) fuel. They’re wearing (corporate made) clothing and eating at (corporate) restaurants. See a method here?! Stop right now for a moment and look around you – how many things are corporate produced?

Right here I’m touching a corporate notebook, with a glass of soda resting nearby. I have a wall of (corporate) books on a wide variety of topics. I look at the time on a corporate made clock to determine it’s about time to go feed and breed my non-corporate rabbits.

So think really hard about if all those corporations were gone what would you have? Would you have clothes to get dressed tomorrow (hand sewn only – no corporations)? How about small farm or home raised food for meals? Is it processed at home – freezers and other kitchen equipment is corporate produced. Why do people buy eggs from corporations rather than eggs from us? Location, convenience are two big factors!

A sign held up at a counterprotest challenged if we want to fight Wall Street do Christmas shopping with small handcrafted non-corporate places. If you start right now, going forward, buying and using only things that were produced without corporations how will your life change?

Of course we’re all for supporting different buying and investment places. Some challenge it’s investing in Wall Street or Main Street – I challenge further let’s shop the dirt roads too! You have a computer – use it. Purchase from the small places to truly stimulate the economy. Small soap makers and crafts people, small operations and investing in small businesses to help them do what they need to do.No more movies – go to high school concerts, local plays and other events.

Be careful what you wish for applies. Changing your spending by choice is a whole lot more convenient than when it’s by necessity. Let the power go out for days – see how much corporate means. Yes there are some living off the grid for whom it won’t matter. But plunge the top 10 cities in the dark for 2 weeks and see what happens – it won’t be pretty. Choose. Finance the options. Make a change with the same means the big corporations got big – your money.

WalMart or the local butcher? Target or thrift store? We all have choices.

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