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Colder Nights

October 19, 2011

A taste of winter tonight in the south! The forecast is for 34 degrees tonight, with mid 30s the next several. Brrr!

Extending the season takes on new meaning now as the tomatoes, peppers and other garden beds that are still producing needed covered. Am still dreaming of property to put up a greenhouse without using portable methods!

Here we make do with plastic, feed sacks and an old blanket to ward off the chill for peppers and tomato plants that are still producing, as well as some basil and mint.

Tucker – our black mutt – hit the cold-need-to-come-in barrier today. He’s very much an outside dog by preference with a few exceptions – storms, downpour rain and anything under 40 degrees. He’s then not interested in dog houses, or anything but a soft warm place to be inside!

A few pieces of tin were placed over the end to ward off cold winds and divert rain from over the end two rabbits in the maternity ward. There are three due this weekend (if they’re on time!) and one is the mama that chewed ears on her last litter – so we put good mamas on both sides and are hoping for the best – lots of healthy live bunnies that grow fast and are good quality!

The bantam seabrights are feeling the chilly weather too even though they’re inside. I lowered the light over the trio of buffs – hoping to keep them comfortable. The bantams will definitely need an insulated coop this winter…they’re just not cold hardy. The blacks are settling into their new pen, and the Rhode Island Reds are producing well. We even got an Americana egg – distinctive in the green coloring! The birds in the hoop house are doing well, as are the Buckeyes. It’s a reminder, though, that winter isn’t far away.


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