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Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2011

In front of our humble little place is a Memorial bed – a garden area planted every year with flowers. It is a living memorial to three particular people. The first of those was LCpl Troy D Nealey. His death was so close to Veteran’s Day that his funeral happened on this day.

So as I recognize being on this Earth for 50 years, I also am forever linked with Veteran’s Day and with one particular veteran. When we get the land in Kentucky (when, not if), there will be a larger memorial area on it and there will be a tree planted in the memorial grove in Troy’s memory. One of our family traditions is planting a tree in honor of those lost. It remains as a way to carry their memory into the future in a visible way.

We’re working towards piecing together  that for more people, with a grove of trees planted over 10 acres. Not everyone has room to plant a tree, so for those who don’t we’re taking in memorial funds to ‘finance’ our land, insuring that it remains rural for as long into the future as possible.

It’s planting a memory for the next generation. Their stories will carry forward. Each is unique like those they represent.

For the living thank a veteran. We have many who have served. A thank you costs nothing.


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