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The Bunny Boys of SlowMoneyFarm

November 13, 2011

They’re the foundation of our program – the breeding animals that make up our next generation. Many see the names on pedigree or we refer to them but unlike famous stallions or bulls they’re often names on a pedigree only. Leading off is Mark – a sibling to our recently lost Star City. Mark sired several of our contenders at the ARBA Convention and has a personality much larger than his size.

This is a young junior buck sired by “Keeper” out of Star City. He was one of three – two remaining – from what turned out to be her last litter. He’s still growing  and has some strong points in width – both his sire and maternal grandsire were very strong bucks and he’s looking to fill those shoes. Keeper’s sire was champion Bonnie’s Hebejebie.Another photo of him below:

Often mentioned as another cornerstone of our breeding program this is Wine & Dine, or WD. Like Mark he’s earned his way with outstanding offspring and he has a home for life. He’s two years old now, like Mark, and has the king’s room – a spacious well bedded pen.

A newer addition is Connor’s Champagne buck.

Many imply that breeders turn over bucks at young ages and with two year olds in our program that clearly isn’t true, but we have one that’s older. Now at three years old is one of the newest bucks, a Satin chinchilla. Mr. Steele was shown and is a solid, established buck with a show record.

He wasn’t wanting to cooperate for the photo session but is a beautiful buck we’re fortunate to have. Mr. Steele was 2nd junior buck at the 2009 national Satin show, has several Best of Variety and Best Opposite Sex of Variety as well as a Best in Show at the BSR Specialty in September of last year. His sire was 5th junior buck at the 2007 ARBA Convention and his dam was Best Opposite Sex of Variety at the NASS in 2008. He’s grandparents all the way down the pedigree showed and won at the top level – Satin nationals and ARBA Convention. We greatly appreciate the chance to start with a top class animal like him, and even a little age doesn’t bother us as he’s still in great shape.

We didn’t get Half Time’s picture taken today but will be doing so this week.

We think quality is no accident, and strive to produce outstanding breeding and show animals as well as our growing market for meat rabbits. Top meat rabbits also need a good frame, plenty of muscle,  fast growing and decent quality to produce meat for the table.

Above are Mark x Holly babies born October 24 – still a lot of growing to do!

Above are some young does – the dark colored one is a Satin that hopefully one day will be bred to Mr. Steele. She’s off color so we can expand by keeping does for meat rabbits or, if they turn out chinchilla, expand our Satin herd. Behind her is a young Californian doe (the white) that will be crossed on our bucks for a growing meat demand, and two young giant chinchillas sired by Wine & Dine out of CB2.

Many will see our youngsters for sale – but they won’t be nearly as good without great animals behind them. It’s true with horses, cattle and yes rabbits. Quality is no accident.

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