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Sparboe Farms Undercover Video

November 21, 2011

Yet another in a list of undercover videos has surfaced showing workers mistreating birds. It’s drawn criticism, accusations that we support such actions and further mistrust of agriculture.

As we prepare to step up to a higher level of production, it angers me beyond belief to see these things. I’m angry at the company for letting it happen. There’s always an excuse – we didn’t have time to train, we were short staffed, etc. Come on folks you owe it to the animals you’re keeping!! You owe it to your customers and if money’s the only issue for you then you owe it to your bottom line but you probably should find another industry.

I don’t agree with undercover videos. I think it’s dishonest to take a job to go in, working for someone else, and get dirt on the employer. I think more farm operations need to use targeted cameras and know what’s happening on their farms before it makes a media video.

It also angers me that the only solution at the end of the video is go vegan. How about supporting the competitors?! For the vast majority of people who aren’t going vegan – exercise your food choices folks!! It doesn’t have to be a means of supporting the store. Eggs and meat are both on tap right here custom raised…you can’t get more direct than that without doing it yourself.

Like many we’re not ever going to be a large operation. McDonalds and other major corporations are not ever going to buy from us. However, you can. Those wanting to exercise food choices can.

There’s no excuse for over the top cruelty. It’s the reason we don’t have hired help. We don’t hire anyone to come in when we’re gone and with that we haven’t gone anywhere together for some time. It’s why we will be using cameras in multiple locations on the farm. And I can guarantee anyone caught swinging chickens around as seen in that video will be begging for the authorities to get there.

Our hens are our foundation. Without them we have expensive pets. We’ve raised most of them from day old, and are implementing bands to further individually identify each bird. Mishandling them so they’re afraid is not conducive to our goals.

We all have choices. Yours allows us to farm. Lack of action allows others to hire people that, for whatever reason, see it as ok to twirl birds around helicopter fashion. For many cost is a factor and their food choices mean shopping at the store – but with that is a consumer pressure to insure companies prevent, eliminate and prosecute actions like this. It’s unacceptable. We’ve stood in defense of food choices even including large operations – but large or small there is no place for cruelty like this.

Exercise your food choices. We’re but one small operation. There are millions of individuals out there with food choices.

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