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Food Choices, Morality and Our Youth

November 22, 2011

Those in rural areas are acutely aware of youth. From youth livestock programs in our respected ventures to 4-H and FFA there is an interest in this next generation.

So I’m reading a book by Krish Dhanam Called “The American Dream From an Indian Heart” – great stuff here! In part of it he talks about our move from security to space. He says “The recent raping and killing of an eleven-year-old girl by two eight-year-old boys is cause for alarm. The America that debated the moral responsibility of a president should have also been asking questions regarding the tearing of the moral fabric of their country.”

A few pages later he continues a point “Blaming someone else is a pastime that is becoming all too popular. If it were easy it would be called ‘Eden.’ It is not-that’s why we call it ‘life.'”

I read these passages and others and as we approach Thanksgiving and #foodthanks I can’t help but connect the dots. We’re working towards insuring food choices. I did an earlier post about the War on Food, and it seems this is increasing. Since then there have been a barrage of things written against certain foods. There are those who believe there is no humane slaughter so therefore eating meat is wrong and no one should do it. There are those who believe everyone should eat meat daily despite some having been vegetarian for years and in healthy shape.

One way of eating doesn’t work for 300million people. We take milk away from kids because of concerns of the sugar in it. We have kids with body issues, eating disorders and health issues because of food issues. Adults give a barrage of battles as well as criticizing celebrities so teenagers think that although they’re slim they have an image that they’re fat. They overeat because they can then struggle with normal, healthy portions. The excess has always been – whatever you want it’s yours. Just because you CAN eat a 2 pound burger or whole package of cookies or quart of ice cream in one sitting doesn’t mean you SHOULD! A bowl of ice cream is a treat – a quart is probably overdoing it!

Someday those kids will struggle with weight issues as the body’s metabolism changes. There are groups who claim it’s immoral to eat a hamburger or chicken sandwich. There are some who in their banner of ‘morality’ starve their children.

Some years ago when the animal ‘guardian’ term was used and first pushed it was said to be a way to change the way people look at pets. It would put a greater value and responsibility on pets. I said then, and I still believe, it doesn’t – it devalues children. It has led to people who think it’s cruel to treat a dog as a dog, but it’s ok to treat a child as a dog. It is now 2nd generation and those ‘do whatever’ are abandoning and killing their children. The value of human life is degraded as people put themselves as parents of their pets.

At the same time our legislators are considering it too dangerous to allow kids to work on a farm. They value the work ethic of those farm kids but don’t want to allow them to get it, developed from the responsibilities of caring for animals and, yes, operating machinery. Yes there are unfortunate accidents. Teens think they’re invincible and stronger than they are and put themselves in dangerous situations. Adults misjudge just one time something they do all the time and it’s a sad ending.

I find it much sadder to see a generation that expects money with no plans to get it. Things just ‘appear’ as an entitlement. They don’t learn the basics of if you want something you do <this> to earn the money to buy <that> and the pride of doing so. There’s a greater satisfaction to earn something.

I find it sadder to view a society who wants to deny our youth those experiences and at the same time increasingly children “disappear” out of their home. Children are increasingly seen in immoral ways rather than our future. While I understand the minority do this (or I hope the majority still has common sense!) it’s alarming still that it’s increasing.

From school and workplace and random violence to the senseless destruction of kids something needs to change! Perhaps it’s time to look, as I said in my book, at renewing strengthening our communities in order to ‘rebuild’ our country. So much time and attention is spent on making education and technology affordable and accessible; why not the same for quality food? Clearly those currently in DC aren’t going to deal on that end so until elections vote another round out let’s take our country back. Let’s occupy our own homes and communities and make a difference. Let’s be thankful for what we have and the abundance of food that graces our tables.

And let’s be thankful for food choices. Many have a choice of food or no food. Choices are awesome.

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