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November 23, 2011

For the many people participating in the Twitter hashtag #FoodThanks this is a focus day. The day before Thanksgiving is a time to think of those things often taken for granted. At the same time, in reading “The American Dream From an Indian Heart” Krish Dhanam talks of making a gratitude list.

What better place to put that than right here?!

1. Am thankful for food choices – that we can choose from a variety of food and food lifestyles.

2. The abundance of food. We have such an abundant food supply we don’t think about wasting that cup of leftovers.

3. The being able to have farm choices. This often goes with food choices. If there’s no one to grow heritage pigs you can’t have heritage pork. If there’s no one doing outdoor eggs then there’s no choice. And without food choices we can’t take part.

4. Electricity at the flip of a switch.

5. Picking up the phone – or a few strikes on this keyboard – and talking with people around the world.

6. Free speech.

7. The majority of a nation that lives within the boundaries of law and order. From common courtesy to stopping at red lights – life is chaotic without it.

8. The right to vote and elect officials that represent us. And if they don’t the right to vote removes that power.

9. A dry place to sleep, fix meals, stretch out and read a book.

10. My dogs – on duty 24/7

11. The health of our animals and the productivity

12. Our health.

13. Not having food allergies that severely alter the lives of so many. I don’t have to worry if something has touched peanuts, or has soy or wheat in it.

14. Connor.Even as a teenager.

15. Running water – you don’t appreciate it fully until it’s not there.

16. Parents who taught me if you want something badly enough you’ll find a way to make it happen. It’s been a means of persistance.

17. Relatives and friends who balance that with the gift of dreams. Follow them.

18. For having known Troy Nealey, and the thousands of veterans who take a stand to insure we remain free and attempt to bring these gifts to others.

19. Combining the last two – J.R. Martinez’ comments and mentions. He’s inspired me since I first met him a while back at a video shoot. Treasure that day as he shined last night, undertaking a media frenzy. I never had any doubt from the time it was announced he’d be on Dancing With The Stars. He’s earned it – dream on!

20. All of the hands that grow, manufacture and provide what we can’t do ourselves.

21. A running vehicle.

22. Freedom.

23. Having been born an American. People die trying to get to this country.

24. Faith. The ability to worship however we choose.

25. The gift of salvation.

26. Hope.

27. The love of friends and family.

28. My teachers who inspired and taught me and insisted I know how to read and write. The increasing wall of books that await hold knowledge.

29. The computer that allows me to reach out to friends near and far and allows reaching out to customers for our fledgling expansion.

30. The belief, however wavering sometimes, that there is 100 people out there among the millions that care enough about their food to empower us to grow it for them. I pray that they find us soon.

31. The AgChat Foundation – individually and collectively a source of inspiration, information, friendship and support. For supporting the occasional outside the box idea and, no matter what some critics say, for embracing operations of all sizes. We’re proof of that.

32. For our cats who have wormed their way into our life and Kitty, a macaw, for hours of entertainment just doing what she does.

33. For having grown up on a farm – for the memories of 4-H meetings and FFA trips.

34. For those loved ones now gone. It wouldn’t hurt so bad sometimes and miss you so much if it never mattered.

35. For the incredibly smart people that break things down and make it easy for those of us not as smart about what you do to operate computers and other things.

36. For photographs. Past and present.

37. A supply of wood to stay warm this winter.

38. For troubled times in the past. It reminds me how good things are now, even the bad days or when we’re scrambling to get another load of feed or pay some bill.

39. For all of those willing to give a hand up without taking someone’s dignity for accepting.

40. For music and those who create it.

41. For opportunity

42. Kitchen appliances that make food storage and preparation safe and easy.

43.For being raised to not expect handouts, and for living in a country where we all have the opportunity to rise up and earn our way, no matter what skin color or past mistakes we’ve made.

44.For those who noticed dwindling populations of some of the rare breeds, and those who kept some from disappearing.

45.For God’s presence in our lives, whether you acknowledge Him or not.

46.For the opportunity to learn, no matter where we are. We all have opportunity, but too many don’t take advantage of it.

47.For stories from my grandparents, some during truly hard times.

48.That no matter what it sometimes seems looking at the news there is still more good than bad, more people to help others than harm.

49.Friends and family.

50. That our flag is still there.

What are you thankful for this week?


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