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Grown Up Christmas Lists

November 28, 2011

As the shopping frenzied weekend is over there have been many news stories that, sadly, are not representative of the season. This song came to mind.

Combine this with something I wrote a few years ago about letters to Santa, and we come to today’s topic!

We grow up, life goes on but there’s something about this time of year that allows us to be kids again if we let it. So what about it…what’s on your grown up Christmas list?

A few from here to start:

1.A full roster of customers signed up to allow us to grow our food and theirs. That’d make for an awesome Christmas!

2. That no one would be cold or hungry this Christmas. For one day we’d all take in a stranger, reach out to that person missing someone for the first time this year or struggling with life. A meal has never meant so much.

3.That in the coming year more people find the work that they love.

4. That our budding enterprise enriches the tables of our customers as much as it provides for ourselves. It’s been a long year of tears and laughter and frustration and reward building towards our expansion. We’ve been blessed to find the land we need at a level we can afford.

5.That we never forget the simple joy of a good book, a warm place by the fire and the companionship of a good dog.

6.That we never take food, freedom or life for granted. And, with that, that we slow down to treasure those moments. We don’t know when we’ll run out of them.

7.That values imparted to Connor mean more than things. That he mature into an honest, kind, compassionate man that may never butcher another chicken but he knows he can if he has to.

8. That we nurture both roots and wings in those around us.

These are the first things that come to mind. May we all have a blessed Christmas and look past the wrapped gifts to the true meaning of the season. We never know when we might be entertaining angels.



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