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Rich Eating Vs Poor Eating

November 29, 2011

It sometimes strikes me as odd to see things listed as specialty items that have an increased value attached to them.

Some time ago during an abundance of eggs  I cooked up some Muscovy eggs and fed the dogs. I then noticed the price of Muscovy eating eggs in specialty forums. $50 per dozen for eggs. Really?

In setting up our expansion I also looked at the price of rabbit. Most seems to hover around $6-8 per pound for US rabbit. There are many who survived the Depression due to raising rabbits and the meat they provided. However, there is also rabbit served in wealthy restaurants in San Francisco to the tune of $250 per plate! The lowly rabbit feeds “rich” and “poor” alike and it seems perception is the biggest difference.

Ten pound Muscovy drakes, dressed, will set you back $80. Others speak to the overpopulation of Muscovies taking over ponds and lakes. At $80 per piece I’m wondering how that is!

Silkie chickens – a pound and a half to two pounds for $40 – makes me think how special they must be. That might put Connor through a good school!

Then there’s the scourge of the everglades – pythons that are taking over as king predator. Now I’ve never thought of eating a python but at $40 per pound I’m wondering why folks aren’t after them instead of stealing copper. There’s llama meats also in that range – unwanted llamas?!

Prices of lamb and goat are high in specialty shops, yet both feed more people the world over than beef.

As we look at options for serving others we’ll be looking at these as a market for income, but also introducing those interested to them during the ordinary shares we’re organizing now. They’ll be every bit as good, USDA processed and if someone wants to pay us $40 per pound I’m happy to take the money towards our expansion! We’re thinking most probably have never tasted many of these delicacies and we’ll leave it open to try some as part of the shares.

It seems like anything we put value on those things that are unfamiliar or harder to get. Those in rural areas eat rabbit, duck and others, often raised at home. Guineas may run “foodies” $30-40 or more at exotic meat operations and many are happy to pay it.

I think we’ll probably draw the line at pythons though – it might be tough to find a place to process those in Kentucky! For the others – an “exotic package” may be something we’ll check out.

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  1. Bill permalink
    November 29, 2011 10:54 AM

    Add to the list $25/lb bacon.

    • November 29, 2011 2:43 PM

      Very true!! There is a story, something different, a reason and a preference for everyone! God bless the USA farmers offering choices for all! 🙂

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