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2012 Food Shares at SlowMoneyFarm

December 2, 2011

We’re going forward with an awesome new thing in 2012 that you’ll want to act quickly to take part in. This is a new opportunity to sign up for an easy, custom produced opportunity you’re sure to love.

Have you ever thought about what your food bill is for a year? How much do you spend in six months on meats? What if the cost went up at the grocery store? Do you love the idea of knowing where and how the animals were raised that provide your food? Would you like to save money and discover an easy way to insure your food supply? We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring this program to a new level. It’s tailored to insuring food choices.

Just think – this time next year you could dine on heritage turkey, or be smiling, knowing that tasty ham is on tap for Christmas dinner. You can be feeding your family eggs and bacon from a small farm in Kentucky or from the grocery meat counter. You can choose from lamb, pork or chicken, or explore new culinary delights of duck, goose, rabbit or guinea hen.

Perhaps you have the means to get something even more. There are extra treasures – Silkie chickens for as much as $30 and Muscovy drakes nearing $80. You like the idea of trying these ‘exotic’ meats but without the high cost – after all you work hard for your money but if you can get something for less why not save money? We have a package for you too!

Perhaps you like to stock up, and aren’t sure what next year or the following holds in your job. A share like this is available for you to draw from until you’ve reached the amount paid. So if you purchase a $1,500 share and you’re laid off next summer in the next round of layoffs, you’ll have some food coming in and can put your efforts towards other bills.

If you haven’t visited our blog page lately you’re missing valuable information how to bring these things to your home! We’re signing up a limited number of people right now – with an individual choice you make as to what you get.

It employs small farmers and small processing in a rural community. You’ll know right down to the pasture where your food was raised.

Food choices are real – talk to us if you’re ready to take charge of yours!


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