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Farming Christmas Lists

December 15, 2011

I’ve had to nod and laugh at Christmas lists and requests from the farming community. Outdoor wear, tractors, livestock and other things. So with a humorous side to stressing Santa how about our Christmas list?

First on the list would have to be a sell out of all our farm shares! That would be an awesome Christmas!

Other ideas that come to mind are a longhorn heifer, or her dam, Orchid and Jade. We could go with a couple dozen Delaware, Speckled Sussex or white Rock pullets. Some Campbell, Harlequin, Cayuga or Ancona ducks would be nice, and Pomeranian geese will add some more color to the fields.

A new to us truck and trailer would be a big asset. A friend gave his wife an ass for Christmas – and although many would find that offensive having a pair of them would be nice – maybe one like this! They’re great for keeping predators out of pastures and breaking calves or foals to lead.

Of course there’s a wide range of farm magazines, gadgets and other things that farmers like. Warm socks, weatherproof coats and various other things once thought of as boring gifts are appreciated! Want to make a farm couple happy? Two words – slow cooker. Put food in, turn on – busy days there’s still supper waiting in the evening!

On a slightly more serious note – many are struggling this year and those in rural areas are no different. An extra large bale of hay or Christmas ham may be a huge boost in more than physical ways.

Watch for our Christmas specials! Pass the spirit of Christmas arrive. It’s not about the gifts.

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