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Building a Future & Christmas Specials

December 20, 2011

It’s been a busy week at SlowMoneyFarm and the days seem too short! We combined and moved some young bucks into a 4’x8′ stall and Connor welcomed a new litter of Champagne D’Argents that he’ll raise to be competitors in the youth senior classes for next year’s national show.

In the midst of day to day chores of cleaning the solid floor cages, taking care of rabbits and birds there are still other tasks that need tended to and endless planning!

We’re still accepting farm share applications and have a special deal for everyone! Every share purchased gets a 5% addition as a Christmas gift from us! That’s in addition to our solid deals already offered. Sign up at the $500 level and get a $525 food tab! Sign up for $1,000 and get $1,050 in food. Talk about stretching your food dollars!

Additionally everyone will get an ebook copy of Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past. We’re not done! The best advertisements are word of mouth, right? We reward that! Sign up for any level from $500-2,000 and sign up ten friends (saving money on delivering to different areas!) and get a free upgrade to the next level. If you’re already at $2,000 get an additional mini package free! This stretches your food dollars, insures protection from increasing grocery prices at the store and you have the benefit of knowing where and how your food was raised.Remember – you don’t have to use this all in one year.

Too good to be true? Not at all! We want to deal with people who want what we raise. It’s a tough economy and people have a hard time making progress. If we make a run to St. Louis it’s the same amount of fuel to deliver to one person as it is ten or fifteen, but cheaper per person! Same with Nashville. More than that – if we were to do a traditional bank financing it’d cost us more than that, cash, in interest payments IF we could get approved. So, rewarding our supporters makes sense, and it’s the holiday season. There’s a limited time frame on this offer though so sign up right away!

Contact us today at for an application – we have PayPal available at a different address if interested!

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