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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2011

From all of us here at SlowMoneyFarm thank you so much for reading our tidbits of news and stories and views this year. As our friend Chris Raines and another friend is celebrating with Jesus and a lot of other people this year, we reflect again on those missing someone this year. They were taken far too soon for our preference. Life changes in the blink of an eye, and we don’t know what tomorrow holds.

Several years ago I received an email and it’s just as true today. Make every day Christmas. Use it wisely and don’t waste a minute. Tell friends and family you love them. The date on your headstone isn’t a time clock – the dash is important. Make it count.

My Christmas gift to you is my best wishes that this Christmas you’ll be able to:

Mend a quarrel!
Seek out a forgotten friend
Dismiss suspicion & replace it with trust
Write a letter
Give a soft answer
Encourage youth
Manifest your loyalty in word & deed
Keep a promise
Forgo a grudge
Forgive an enemy
Try to understand
Examine your demands on others
Think first of someone else
Be kind
Be Gentle
Laugh a little more
Express your gratitude
Welcome a stranger
Gladden the heart of a child
Take pleasure in the beauty & wonder of the earth
Speak your love & then speak it again

Have a safe and merry Christmas and stop to count your blessings. From everyone here at SlowMoneyFarm! Thank you for reading, encouraging, criticizing, supporting and being a part of this incredible ride we call life.

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