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Welcome Bess

December 30, 2011

After a couple of years of just Missy (half border collie) we have purebred border collies again, courtesy of a barter arrangement.

Bess was picked up last night, and is adjusting to a strange life in a new place. When we met she walked right up as if she knew. She has some things to learn – but so far has done pretty well with the rabbits, is pretty intense with the chickens and has had a couple corrections from the cats and Kitty.

The stripes on her nose are but a first lesson I have a feeling. The bored expression in the first photo vs interested in second one was simply mewing before shooting! Ooooo interesting!!! 😀

She’s a very sweet dog who will need a little direction and patience. She’s much like Gael was in being easily discouraged…but eager to “lock on” and not quite as obsessive as many. Directing that interest will be a challenge!

Heck – yes that’s his name! – will arrive later. As we get onto the land and have more stock having working dogs will be a big help. Having a reliable dog is often worth two hired hands…and they work for a little praise, room and board.

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