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What’s Ahead in 2012?

January 2, 2012

Last year we made a good run at our goals for the year, and we’ll look at more progression this year.Our top 10 goals for the year are ambitious, but standing still doesn’t get us anywhere.

1. Get a better rabbit production schedule. Consistent production as well as show is important. Selection of sound animals that show well and perform is a goal.

2.Show at the 2012 ARBA Conference. We’ll have Giant Chinchillas and Connor will likely have some Champagne D’Argents. Questionable is the Silver Fox, depending on if we can find a Silver Fox buck to breed these three does for purebred litters.

3. Purchase land. Somehow, someway – this is key towards being able to move forward with grazing stock.

4. Book full with customers. This means relying on everyone, with 100-150 spots available (depending on size) we must push for reaching our goals. The holiday season was a bad time to do this, so it’s renewed winter efforts.

5.Add some Campbell ducks, Delaware chickens and Bourbon Red turkeys. Expand our Cornish and other heritage flocks.

6.Be more involved with organizations such as the AgChat Foundation, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, American Rabbit Breeders Association and more.

7. Pay off small personal debt that stands in the way of our goal. Cash operation has worked against us in some ways.

8.Adding another 50 holes for breeding stock, as well as at least 3 grow out pens.

9. Building some portable growing pens for birds, as well as semi-portable breeding pens.

10. Expand Connor’s Champagne and Silver Fox herds – not just quantity but quality.

We hope you’ll join us along the way!


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