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GMO Labels, Food Choices and What’s On Your Table?

January 6, 2012

The topic brings up more yapping than a room full of chihuahuas. GMO labels – should food be labeled or not? California says it should be required. Some say organic has no GMO so therefore if it’s organic that’s how to avoid GMO. Others say if it isn’t labeled it is GMO.

There are panic reactions of evil corporations just wanting to use people as guinea pigs, scientific proof that too often isn’t scientific or proof and a wide range of rage to demand or defend not putting a “may contain GMO” label on a box or can.

There are those who vehemently say consumers have the right to know, to which we agree. There are those who say if on a label it won’t make a substantial difference if many assume it MAY contain GMO grains, which is also true. We all buy what we want and can afford.

Then came the blazing statement on the U.S. Farmer’s & Rancher’s Alliance page that 80-85% of Americans want no GMO food. I find that stunning, because if it was true then it’d be happening! Demand backing that up would turn the food world on it’s ear and farmers and food processors alike would be scrambling to get that 85% of the market. That comment met with “well we don’t know if it’s not labeled.”

Now the other night cooking dinner I asked Connor to check something on the ingredient label – and the print was so small it was hard to read. He commented on that and we got to thinking – it has to have ingredient labels, nutritional information and a host of other labels on it already – and many people don’t READ it. The can of soup that has 2.5 servings – who eats a half a serving? I’m not a big eater but if I open a can of soup I’m eating a can of soup for lunch (no sandwich just soup). Sizes of some items are smaller – tuna fish cans for example have shrunk an ounce and gone up in price.

So I got to thinking yesterday, as American farmers are compared to Germany. Germany uses no antibiotics, no GMO, no battery cages – and import half of their eggs. They are said to be healthier, despite many heritage food sites pointing out German traditional food is heavy in meats and fats…something we in America are told we’re excessive in. I wondered why those folks who so oppose our ways don’t move to Europe, where there’s already a Utopia of food labels. Of course not everyone wants to move or is able to – but the wonders of modern life include being able to purchase food from anywhere. What if that 85% started buying those European brands? Is that possible? I did a quick search and found this.

A readily available, easy to understand list of GMO free foods right here in the USA! Now I wonder why 80% of the people aren’t buying these brands…they’d have a much larger market share, which would tilt the way things are done without ballot initiatives and voting campaigns. It’s something that everyone exerting food choices can do right now, today, from wherever you are.

You can buy direct from places like us, or buy at the grocery store or a CSA or grow what you can yourself. Any of these choices means not having GMO technology on your table.

Of course, animal feed can be a bit trickier. Our rabbits are a fast progress generational, and the claims of infertility means we shouldn’t have any more rabbits. After all, we have 3-4 generations of rabbits that have been raised on non-organic pellets that may (or may not) have GMO. We have home raised chickens that consume corn, that also may or may not be GMO. We have eaten both rabbit and chicken and tasted no difference…just healthy, nutritious meats.

By all means exert your food choices. We’ve long believed – and said – that choices shouldn’t be made on fear. Many choose what’s on sale as that’s all they can afford…and that’s not something to be ashamed of! We are blessed with a relatively safe and abundant food supply. That’s a blessing many don’t have.

Choose, don’t settle. Whatever your choices, put action behind it. If you want non-GMO purchase that. If you want pen raised or grass fed then buy it. If you want a farm share of custom raised meats we’re happy to help. But don’t let others dictate what you will and won’t eat.

We offer and embrace food choices…and our multiple page application allows you to make your own choices with us. We don’t feel we need to mislead you by saying our chickens and rabbits have no added hormones when the truth is none do – even Tyson’s and Cargill’s chicken doesn’t add hormones. People say it’s what customers want to see and perhaps it is, but it’s not special or worthy of charging more. We feel it’s misleading to do that, and hope that there are enough people who agree just plain speaking, transparent food produced in a small production way is enough.

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