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Mindreading or Immortality?

January 24, 2012

Would you rather be able to read other people’s minds, or live forever? What a question! Sometimes I am thankful for the gifts I have and there are gifts, like these, that I’m glad I don’t.

Although sometimes it’s easy to think reading minds would be a good thing…I don’t know that I want to know every thought that every person around me has. It would come down to the same thing as now – some are less kind than others.

Then there’s immortality…who wouldn’t want that? I think of my great aunt, who used to say everyone she knew was gone…she was the last of her loved ones. And just because we could live forever, others don’t…and as it is youngsters don’t want to hang out with old people. Furthermore, what good is being alive if health doesn’t allow a normal lifestyle?

Sometimes a gift, no matter how good it looks, isn’t a gift at all. Be thankful for each day. We will all leave this earth someday. In the mean time, leave one little part of it better than you found it. That is success.

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