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Quality Pays

January 26, 2012

What makes certain vehicles worth more money than others? Perceived quality. All must go a set speed limit down the road.

Many will spend thousands of dollars on show stock. There are show horses for which $100,000 is but a drop in the bucket. There are bulls worth the same. There are also livestock at the local sale barn worth considerably less.

When we put something up for sale we don’t want to hide who is selling it. If we can’t put our name on it we’ll put a fork in it. Sounds harsh, but both poultry and rabbits, like larger livestock, exist to provide food. While we are very proud of our Top Ten show animals, we’re no less pleased with the hard working ones at home producing them and providing meat for our freezer and others.

We have some packages for sale and have seen all types of dishonest action. It’s a short term gain…we prefer to have a longer term outlook. We want repeat customers, with people coming back to purchase again later. That won’t happen with poor doing animals.

When we sell six young pullets and a trio of rabbits in our homestead package, they aren’t cull stock. We have a market for the inferior stock with incorrect teeth, structure issues, health issues and attitudes…they all taste wonderful in curry with rice. There is little more disappointing than paying good money for pullets and getting roosters. There is much frustration in buying good foundation stock and they don’t breed.

With the mild weather here, the rabbits are thinking it’s spring. We have several February litters on the way, and a promising year for show stock. Our ideal…be it rabbits, poultry, sheep, hogs or cattle…is good looking, healthy animals that produce well.Don’t take short cuts on a quality foundation.

Some years ago I had goats and had an extra doe I was going to sell. A man looked at her, said she was priced too high…he just wanted something for food. We all have our limits, so I took her home. The man called a few days later, willing to pay the asking price after seeing the ‘competition.’ We price our stock the same.

What is your ideal?

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