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Friday Market 1/27

January 27, 2012

It’s been a busy spring like week here, and a very mild winter that works to our advantage.

We have several breedings completed in the last couple weeks with the rabbits. Among them:

1/18 CB4 bred to Bargain(Giant Chinchilla litter)

CB2 bred to Half Time (Giant Chinchilla litter)

1/25 CB1 to Half Time (3/4 Giant Chinchilla X 1/4 American Chinchilla litter)

Princess to Half Time (Giant Chinchilla)

1/26 Victoria to Crosby (Champagne D’Argent litter – Connor’s national litter)

1/27 CB5  to Bargain

CB1 is the mother of CB2, CB4 and CB5. She’s an older doe who’s been very good to us, and has more than paid her way. Princess is our Top 10 doe – very much looking forward to this Half Time litter – only bucks would be available, and those probably delivered to Wichita this fall. I can’t be more happy with that litter, although small litter of three it held a 6th place doe, and 5th (Bargain) and 4th (Dio) place bucks. Half Time was purchased with breeding her in mind.

Yes all of the rabbits are individuals and yes they have names as well as tattoo identification!The three Silver Fox will, at this point, be bred to Champagne and Giant Chinchilla bucks due to, at this point, lack of a Silver Fox buck. They will not meet the standard probably for either breed – but the does can expand our meat lines.

Along with the rabbits, we’re still offering our farm shares and packages. It’s not too late but we do need to get moving (literally and figuratively). We have a long ways to go to get the land still, and a lot of people out there interested in good food. With more potential than room, it’s important to get signed up as soon as possible!

We’ll also have started plants for sale this year. All proceeds will go towards the land – tomatoes, peppers and more. If you’re local or in Nashville and looking for started plants, we’ll have quite a few available from $1-5, depending on container size. Raising your own makes a difference. We’ll also have some rosa rugosa starts available on a first come first serve basis.

As last year, we’ll also have started pullets for sale. If you’re in Nashville, you know the council recently allowed backyard hens, and our young ladies are definitely young hens. You’ll see them grow and they won’t crow. We’ve seen them with prices all over the place…ours are $5-8 each for feathered pullets ready to go outside – we deal with the brooders, heat and starting them.

We appreciate the support from valued customers. We’re your home grown food source – whether we grow it or you do.

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