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Heirloom tomatoes – Tuesday Team

January 31, 2012

We’re reviving some of our informational ‘series’ – and today taking a look at heirloom tomatoes. This isn’t your supermarket tomato – oh no! These have other traits that make them ideal for many areas.

How are they part of the team? We’ll be starting seeds of these heirlooms to go into your garden or be grown for your farm share. What are we starting?!

Well, there are several varieties, some heirloom and a few hybrid (cross of two types of tomatoes)…none are GMO, which is normal. Among those we’re choosing:

Moskvich- We’re starting quite a few of these for those who want early, fresh, organic tomatoes in their raised beds or gardens. They’re a Russian heirloom that is more cold tolerant, with a 60 day maturity. They’re smaller, at 4-6 ounces, but red and tasty.

German Johnson – These can be a pound each, with plants five to six foot tall. Plan on stakes or tomato cages! These are good for hot weather areas if you have room. About 78 days to harvest.

Striped Caverns are another organic variety we’ll offer. These are about a half pound, and hollow similar to a bell pepper. If you’re looking for something different in stuffing tomatoes, check out these and make some creative meals!

Bradley tomatoes are another heirloom variety, developed some 50 years ago at the University of Arkansas, and suitable for southern gardens. Plants are more bushy and compact, in comparison to other varieties, 7-10 ounce “old fashioned” tomatoes.

Amish paste tomato is listed on the Slow Food Ark of the Taste. Good for eating or making into sauces.

Black Krim is another medium sized mid season (80 days) tomato, this one darker in color. A native of Crimea, this is an old, flavorful variety.

These are just a few of the wonderful offerings we’ll have as seedlings, with all proceeds going towards the farm purchase. Next week…peppers!


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