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Rainy Days and…Fridays

February 3, 2012

It seems like a Monday. Many think that those in agriculture never have bad days, but that’s just not accurate. It’s a constant struggle to keep moving forward sometimes. Things start going well then a barrage of discouragement. With animals of any kind we know they are mortal – they don’t live forever no matter what.

Still bummed from losing Mark not too long ago, it’s a further stomp to the heart to find Wine & Dine dead in his cage this morning. I say cage…but it was actually a large dog crate, the larger accommodations we provide for the boys as we can.

Wine & Dine – or WD – was the sire of our Top Ten kids. Princess, his daughter, was just recently bred to Half Time for her first litter. His son Bargain will have first litters arriving soon. The older ones have been a foundation, and it’s a gift to have had them. It’s a responsibility to carry their legacy forward.

.Like larger livestock, they provide food, but are also special in their own way. No matter how people try to characterize farming as a heartless way to exploit animals, most do look out for their animals. As they get older, they get the best places.

It’s a time of renewal as spring approaches, but sometimes it’s hardest letting go of the old guys. It’s a wet February Friday here…and being sore and tired dampens the mood further. In a few days the sun will appear, new litters will arrive this month and, hopefully, that next star will make himself or herself known.

The next post will likely be more cheery…but truth shows the good and the not so good times. This is one of those not so good times. This, too, shall pass.

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  1. February 4, 2012 7:14 AM

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    This has been a hard year for us in the livestock department as well. I, too, have tried to write about the good and the bad, to give a more accurate view of farming.

    • February 5, 2012 10:47 PM

      If it ever doesn’t matter to lose one then I think it’s time to quit. 😦

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