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Picking Peppers – Tuesday Team

February 7, 2012

Peppers…we love them! Hot or sweet, heirloom or not…peppers pack nutrition and taste into a variety of meats, rice, potato and pasta dishes.

Ruby King is an early bell pepper that was first developed in 1977 by Dr. John Wyche. These are about six inches long, and like other sweet peppers are good for frying or fresh eating.

Beaver Dam is a variety that dates back 100 years. Mild and tasty on a sandwich or salad as well as for stuffing, this is an old variety. We started some of these yesterday and will have plants for sale locally.

Bull Nose was once grown by Thomas Jefferson…a long history truly offers a taste from the past. We started some of these yesterday.

Orange bell is a thick walled, compact orange sweet pepper. If you’re looking for some color, this will do it! A more recent history, but a nice pepper.

Golden California wonder matures to a bright yellow.

California Wonder – this is the ‘normal’ green sweet bell pepper usually seen in the stores.

Red, gold and chocolate Mini Bell – many have never seen this small variety. Similar in size to cherry tomatoes as compared to full sized, these compact little peppers have a place. Slice them in half, spread with cream cheese and top with bacon bits for bite sized appetizers. They are mild in taste for those who don’t like too much taste but a little heat.

Sweet Chocolate is a bell pepper, ours are organic, that is dark in color. Chocolate peppers can look similar to olive pieces when cooked, but are all pepper.

Early Jalapeno is another organic, with a flat already started for those wanting some early peppers. Not quite as heavy producing as later maturing varieties.

Ace  is a prolific hybrid, 50 days to green and about 20 more to red. This is a hardy sweet pepper.

Antohi Romanian – organic on these seeds as well. A European frying pepper, add them to a variety of dishes.

Gourmet is another early variety, bright gold in color. Bianca is a white hybrid sweet pepper, while the habanero is for those who want a little more heat than the jalapeno.

We love peppers, and look forward to sharing peppers and plants with others.


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  1. February 8, 2012 9:39 AM

    Mmmm peppers! I distinctly remember when I was a child, sneeking into the fridge and stealing my mom’s greens peppers. I’d eat them like an apple!

    My fav now however is the Orange Bell. I love the colour and the taste so I always make sure to buy a bunch when they come in season. I then chop or slice ’em up and freeze them! Yummy!

  2. February 8, 2012 10:35 AM

    Peppers are so good and good for you~! This is the first year we’re trying the orange…and we have a white hybrid to try too. A rainbow of choices…food need not be boring! Thanks for visiting…good to know there’s more orange fans out there!

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