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Versatile Blogger Awards

February 13, 2012

Thanks to The Flying T Ranch for nominating our little blog for the Versatile blogger award.

As this is the first time our blog has been honored, here’s a little history behind it:

The Versatile Blogger Award started as a fun way to publicize and recognize fellow writers in the blogosphere.

The RULES for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Add the award to your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below)
4. List the rules.
5. Award to 15 bloggers.
6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

The seven random things about us…this can vary widely!

1. I (Jan) once worked on a large dairy, one that milked 1,000 head three times a day. Have also worked on smaller dairies, mostly with cow care but some milking.

2. Paul and I met online after a comment about dairy goats.

3. I’ve had border collies for 45 of the last 46 years, going back to Jerry, a non-descript crossbred who was dumped near the family farm. He was 15 when he died, and a tree planted over his grave called “Jerry’s tree”. It’s been storm damaged the last few years.

4.I lived in Washington state for the ’80s – loved it. Miss it.

5. For several decades I worked with horses, until the last few years. This is somewhat by choice – with enough experience to see the wrong ways some expect handling/training to be done. We never stop learning, but many close their minds.

6. Connor was a good baseball player in grade school in Arizona.

7. Besides Diva and Missy, seen often in our blog, we share the home with several other dogs, some purebreds and some ‘mutts’…several taken in when they needed a safe home.

Passing it on – because nothing is nearly as fun if not shared! There’s so many people I know with cool blogs! But 15 blogs worth reading:

1.A Colorful Adventure is just that! Travel to historical sites, see farming on many levels and life!

2.Bellbottom Farm is a relatively new blog from my friend Melanie – see her beautiful spotted ponies and a variety of news bits and opinion.

3.CommonSense Agriculture – I guess with our common sense food approach it should be no surprise we love Jeff Fowle’s blog! Always a good read!

4.Haley Farms – from hard, serious topics to watching cattle buck and play in the field (yes cattle do run and play!) another worth the time to look.

5.Life As an Iowa Farm Wife – like many of us, there are days the blog doesn’t get the attention it needs, but that *is* life isn’t it?!

6.Sitting In The Pasture – cattle, life and more highlighted here.

7.Through The Windshield – from a 4th generation farm that does live sustainability.

8. Wife of a Dairyman – Dairies aren’t just about cows.

9.Humpin’ It In the Boonies – OK I admit a weakness for long ears (and horns). Different! But there’s more to Brahman cattle than ear. Take a visit here to see.

10. Valentina’s blog – Not just about ag – but worth the time for farmers and non-farmers alike.

11. Chris Chinn has a cool blog that shows folks about raising hogs on a much larger scale than we are eyeing, allowing for food choices for everyone.

12.SlowMoney Food – yes a shoutout to our sister blog, which discusses the food end of life. Recipes, how food is processed, home processing and more!

13. Darin’s Ramblings may be some time between posts but are worth the wait!

14. Chico Locker & Sausage is a blog to follow whether you just eat or farm…meat doesn’t go from farm to plate without a stop at a processor.

15.TheKitchensGarden – funny, real life, good food and pictures…if you haven’t read it go look! Her border collie is much more talented than mine…but that’s ok! 🙂

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