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Outdated Things

February 25, 2012

As normal course for the day on a weekend, I made a trip to town to get feed this morning and ran a few other errands to make the most of the fuel used getting there. One of those meant going into a store I dislike but sometimes need to shop at. I noticed stacks of calendars, both large and small, and small pocket planners priced at half off.

STACKS of them. It grabbed my attention…don’t people buy calendars anymore? Now I’ve put together calendars that are available online with original photos, for sale as I thought it was a way people could buy multiple photos to enjoy throughout the year. Some have been sold but I won’t say that it’s bought an acre of ground. OK so it hasn’t bought a raised bed.

Are calendars old fashioned? I have a farm calendar – one from the farm cooperative that lists a great deal of information on each date – things like moon rise/set times, sun rise/set times, astrological sign, number of days in the year so far. I keep a planner with breeding dates, activities, what is planted when, when meetings and webinars are – in short, how I/we spend our time.

I know I don’t have the latest Agnerd gadgets. I don’t have a smartphone or Droid or electronic appointment calendar. My vehicle doesn’t text me, the appliances don’t talk and I don’t have the animals implanted so they can feed themselves.

But are calendars really selling that poorly? Are people using free calendars? Does anyone still buy calendars? Are calendars, like many other things, outdated by modern technology?

What do you use and why? Leave a comment!

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