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Never Stop Trying New Things

February 28, 2012

Crowdsourcing has become very popular in some circles. Often catering to an “artsy” crowd, it’s increasingly used for small businesses. At a recent small business webinar I attended it was mentioned as a viable idea for small businesses to avoid debt issues, something that is definitely an interest.

Because the ‘rewards’ are different than “just send us money” it seemed worth looking into. It’s much more appealing to have advance payment (and the market related to it) than overhanging debt, for both small and large projects.

With that in mind, we have liftoff for a project! Ebooks, original photos, raised bed gardens, farm shares and the possibility of a personal day visit for one person. We will not include transportation, but can pick up at the Birmingham airport if need be, and the package includes a visit of the place, humble as it is, in person. Join us for meals, see the birds and rabbits, walk alongside the raised beds and enjoy some down time. We’ll even include a room at a local hotel or motel.

The short term project is to build a breeding barn/shed for the birds, and add a few more varieties. Specifically, some other Cornish and Delawares, turkeys and ducks; an upgraded (and more reliable!) incubator and revamped brooder area for birds.

Check it out. We appreciate all support.

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