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Chase & Queen Not a Day Too Soon

February 29, 2012

Their time was up…they were slated to be euthanized as so many others are that don’t get homes. So often it’s because people don’t let them go into homes that want them. Thankfully, not all shelters have that view.

It meant some organizing and some last minute calls to not kill them before arrangements were done…but due to an out of the area assist that found them, there’s two who have a safe home.

Chase was on his last day – but is, so far, very quiet, alert, happy dog. He might have some Aussie Shepherd or ?? in him – about that size, keenly interested in the cats.He’s been neutered and ready for a long life rather than a needle.

Then there’s Queenie. A lovebug with a nose that’s apt to get her in trouble, she promptly searched the Explorer on the way home until she was satisfied there wasn’t a scrap of food anywhere, then settled down and slept on the passenger’s seat. I think she might be a bit older – 5-6 maybe. She’s about Blue’s speed – pet me, love me, oh-is-that-food-pet-me.

Bella and Queenie getting acquainted.

Yes we’re softies. Dogs don’t “earn their keep” here. They’re 24/7 guards, crumb catchers, critter protectors, alarm systems and entertainment. They ask for little in return. There are so many others – another beagle that we just didn’t dare push luck in adding. Some don’t care about killing dogs, but good dogs are waiting.

If you don’t need a pedigree let us help. The dogs will pay you back.


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