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What Do Your Pets Eat?

February 29, 2012

Many people are interested in what they eat and how it was produced, and that transfers to their pets. Dogs and cats are carnivores. Meats are a part of their diet for maximum health. Cats must have meats – taurine is an essential for life nutrient for them.

At the same time, the “healthy” foods are pricey. A recent look at kibble that is of better quality ingredients, or so it says, was about $2 per pound. Now I don’t know about you but at $2/pound is more than I pay for my food, in many cases.

Mark Poveromo owns a feed store, and comments in the Natural Pet Product Merchandiser “Customers want to know where the food is from. They also want to know what we recommend and why we like it. Third – I’m not going to lie – would be economics.”

Kristen Woodliff, marketing and business development manager at another pet store, said “Price is, for sure, most important. I can talk to someone for 10 or 30 minutes about nutritional value and comparisons to grocery store kibble, but at the end of the day it comes down to price and budget.”

The $2 per pound was a premium brand of kibble, not raw. It underscored we’re on the right track with offering our pet food package. We’ve fed raw, and find dogs love it. Even smaller dogs can handle some bones, and enjoy having ‘real bones’ to chew on.

With whole, piece or ground meats, dogs and cats alike can get meat that is cheaper than premium kibble, but more personal than discount meats or “whatever I can find”.

Appropriate sized bites are needed. What is suitable for a border collie may be too small (and risk choking) a Great Dane. A smaller dog may do better with cubes or minced. That said, I had a fox terrier that could chew up a chicken leg quarter without a problem and loved his raw food once he figured it out. And if you want a new appreciation of your dog, look at the bones of a rabbit or chicken or lamb, or watch him chew on a rib bone then look at your hand. How anyone can hurt or mistreat a dog after that I don’t get. The power in a dog’s jaws tempered with the gentleness they show us is amazing.

Good dogs deserve good food. We can do pet food for our farm shares too! If you have large dogs this may be an option.


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  1. February 29, 2012 9:17 PM

    You can save by cooking your own dog food. It’s not very hard. Wouldn’t recommend it for cats though.

    • March 1, 2012 8:08 AM

      Thanks for stopping by! Yes you can – rice and other things are easy to add to the diet. Most things I’ve seen advise against cooking chunks with bone…under the advisement of many who know more than I, *raw* bones are fine but *cooked* bones splinter. However, I’ve cooked rice or oatmeal to go with leg quarters and the dogs love it! Is that your experience? Some veggies they seem to like cooked, others not so much. Maybe it depends on the dog.


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