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Helping Storm Survivors

March 4, 2012

I don’t want to use the word victim – survivor is more empowering. The storms late last week hit a wide range. As I mentioned in my book “Getting By: Lessons From a Rural Past” our communities may vary. It may be neighbors. It may be an online community or those we know on social media.

Tonight we’re asking for a handup for one of those communities. Last year in the wake of the tornadoes here many came forward with assistance, with phone calls and a willingness to help. We were extremely lucky, and that has continued this year.

A friend’s community hasn’t been so lucky, and the loss of life hit in a personal way. So, for my friends on the blog here, on Twitter, on Facebook and other social media…let’s reach out and make a difference for a rural community in Kansas.A friend of a friend in a small town was killed in the tornado.

If you are local to those in need by all means donate assistance there – as we saw last year the need is great in areas hit. For those out of the area looking for a way to help, this small community could use the assistance.

From a distance it can be hard to figure what to get. Gift cards are easy to mail and quick to use. I’ve talked to my friend about the available stores not too far away. Krogers, TSC (Tractor Supply), WalMart, Target, KMart, Sears, Lowes, Home Depot are all options. Let’s get some gift cards sent to this community. It’s a small town and will quickly be forgotten in the news. If you can spare the funds, even $10 can get someone cleaning supplies or a bag of pet food or ready to eat meals. I’m reaching out to this online community – let’s make a difference. Send them to: c/o Rita Mills, 18890 Bodark Rd, Eskridge, KS 66423 – be sure to make a note as to value so it can be distributed easily.

Let’s make a difference. So often the internet is seen as a negative thing…but it can be good too. A dog in Nashville is home with her owner tonight because of the internet. Let’s help our fellow citizens. It may be us needing help next week.

It’s America – let’s help our neighbors out…in Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas and beyond. The need is great.

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