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Where I Come From – Flyover States

March 5, 2012

Yesterday I was headed to make a bank deposit and had the truck radio on. Jason Aldean has another country hit that ties to rural life.

It also brought to mind rural traditions and what so many miss. It’s why so many of us love the area away from the coastal cities. Flying over at 30,000 feet looks like nothing. Take a ride out here. Slow down, get off the interstate, go to some of the small areas and talk with the people on the ground in those flyover states. You might be surprised.

Talk to a farmer, or a small town cafe worker or the worker at a gas station. But don’t underestimate us.

Be it southern Arizona or Illinois or Alabama or Tennessee, there is a great deal of beauty in America. Take some time this year to visit it.

It’s room to breathe. It’s sunsets and the appreciation of silence. It’s why so many of us call “flyover country” home and actually like it.

It’s home.

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  1. March 5, 2012 7:19 PM

    Agree. There is a great deal of beauty in America that can’t be seen flying over. Gas prices are expensive, but driving across this country is priceless.


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