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What’s a SlowMoneyFarm Saturday Like?

March 10, 2012

For much of the USA Saturday is an off day. Shopping, doing other things takes up the calendar. Here, especially in the spring, it’s a bit different.

As with any other day, it began early with Connor watering the rabbits and birds while I checked email and planned what the day holds, for sure, depending on weather. Today a sunny nice day was forecast…wonderful!

So what did we do…after everyone was fed and watered, we went into town. A stop to get poultry layer pellets, then Connor ran into the bank to make a deposit while I went to get rabbit feed next door. Loaded up, we then dashed across the street to TSC to get dog food, made a quick stop at another dollar store for some household things, then headed home. We stopped briefly at a thrift type place, where Connor found a Stephen King book he wanted, and got a set of Dominoes for rainy days.

Once home, we took a short break then headed out for some outdoor work. We split up some pens, cleaned under one row of rabbits in the larger hoop, topped off waters and checked feeders of those with multiple bunnies in them.

Angelina was bred to Bargain, so another litter of Giant Chinchillas in about a month. We separated Mr & Mrs Steele, who have been together for 2 weeks. Connor’s blue Silver Fox was put into a cage with baby saver wire, as we’ll figure out a nest box due to not enough drop down boxes! We have her and the American Chinchilla (bred to Mr. Steele) due next week. It’s meant a little bit of a musical cage switch to get the older babies out in larger areas with their moms, and those due into cages of their own.

We then have split up some breeding groups – the Buckeyes in a pen with a barred rock (temporarily). The pair of brown leghorns were put together and an Americana will be put with them. The other Americaunas were put in a 4×8 pen with the two white Leghorn roosters. The Rhode Island reds now have their own pen, the dark Cornish their own, Sussex are in a pen (light and speckled together as the only rooster is light) and we’ve almost got the black Australorps penned separately. In a week or two we’ll be able to start holding back eggs to hatch.

There’s a couple of extra roosters to pull out to sell or put in the freezer, then the Dominiques will have their own pen as well. We have one Maran that we’re trying to figure where to put. Planning is important, whether large stock or small.

A short break to write this, then we’ll clean under the Silver Fox does, feed, water, if there’s enough daylight left clean the silkie pen and breed a Silver Fox.

With new does coming on there’s two – Holly (due any time) and Connor’s Champagne – that will get a little extra time before their next litter. They’re in good condition, but seem a little ‘tired’ so they’ll get a month after weaning these litters to just hang out, eat and recover from the demands of raising litters. Both have earned a break.

We have the “ear litter” does to separate as soon as we fix the bottom on the 4 hole cage we picked up in Indy last fall. They’ll be ready to breed so it’s high time to get them separated, and get the boys busy again. There’s a push for intermediate national babies right now and enjoying the little ones.

It’s busy, there’s constantly things happening, and we have tomatoes and peppers sprouting. Soon we’ll be planting more – seeds are in hand – and pushing our new raised beds. We’ll make some fresh rosemary starts next week so if interested speak up!

These mild, mid 70s sunny days are ideal in drying things out without being too hot to work in.

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