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Do You Have Your Own Library?

March 16, 2012

It’s been quite an undertaking to sort, move and organize the books here yesterday and today and there’s substantial progress. We need about two more bookcases! 😀

Growing up we had a wall of books in the living room. Encyclopedias, westerns, factual books and fiction. There was a collection of Zane Grey books, biographies and an assortment of others. This was in addition to our personal book collections. The love of books is knowledge waiting, experiences waiting to be shared.

People might be surprised by our book shelves. We have some books that you might expect to see – “The Mating and Breeding of Poultry” and “Country Living”. There are books like “Lad, A Dog” and “Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men” and “Cesar’s Way” that touch on the dogs.

Look to the left of my computer area and there’s “The Edible Heirloom Garden” and “Keeping The Harvest” and “Controlling Lawn & Garden Insects.” There’s a shelf of horse books, a collection in progress of Thoroughbred Legends that includes Ruffian, Genuine Risk, Secretariat, Assault, Round Table, Sunday Silence and others. There’s books on Nearco, Cigar, Smarty Jones and Native Dancer.

Then there’s the books many probably wouldn’t expect to be found here. “Content Rules” and “Likeable Social Media” and “Visual Marketing” have been a ‘homeschool class’ for myself in learning new ideas to bring not only to the blog but to Twitter. I love the “No BS” marketing books – and several books on home based businesses and marketing are waiting ready to give additional ideas.”Success Made Simple” looks at Amish businesses, while two copies of The Tightwad Gazette makes me look like a spendthrift!

Then there’s the simplicity books, and personal books. “The Woman’s Comfort Book” is one that should be on every woman business owner’s shelf. Seriously – it’s important to take care of us too! “The Comfort Queen’s Guide to Life”, “The Woman’s Retreat Book” and several biographies and autobiographies await. Marcus Luttrell, Miley Cyrus, Sarah Palin, Laura Bush, Alan Jackson, Trace Adkins, Rudolph Giuliani, Krish Dhanam, Donald Trump and Steve Sjogren all impart wisdom through the pages of these books.

For business and personal, our bookshelves are our personal library. They’re for reference and enjoyment. They combine a look back (tradition) with forward (technology). Amazon loves us!

Do you love books? Love to read? What books would people be surprised to see you open? Do you keep books after you read them or pass them on to others?

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  1. March 17, 2012 6:37 AM

    Which set of bookshelves do you want to hear about? =0

    About mid-way through raising our kids we noticed a disturbing trend. We would visit people’s homes and they would not have any evidence of books. No shelves. No books next to the easy chair. We actually had discussions about what kind of people wouldn’t have books. Perhaps they had them, but not where we could see them. You can tell a lot about a person by checking out their bookshelves, but I have NO idea what to think about people who have none.

    Having said that, the computer (and trying to juggle 4-6 roles/jobs) has really cut back on my reading in the past few years. That, and the fact that I fall asleep 2 minutes after I sit down… Sad.

  2. March 17, 2012 12:44 PM

    Oh I can *so* relate! I think anymore so many use the kindle, readers and others that real books don’t hold the same level of portability. Still, I like those dog eared reference books that I pull out time and time again, notes in the margins and all. I think we can learn from many. I have been thinking of putting hinged shutters on a bookcase to hide some of the books…we’re really not nerds here. 😀 Of course time is a factor…need a comfy swing in an outdoor gazebo to pass away some hot summer afternoons here! 🙂

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