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Ag in the Bible – Pieces

March 25, 2012

Two years ago – at 10:09 on March 25, 2010 – Helen passed from this life. Long time readers will remember mention of her in other posts and at that time. For our newer readers, Helen was one of my best friends, co-worker, “adopted sister” and life listener. Her death after a long illness left a void. She listened after my mom died, and was one of those people who just “knew” when something was up. We’d call for ‘no reason’ only to find there was a reason.

She hadn’t had things easy – time and health issues caught up and when H1N1 hit, it hit hard. I’d spent the winter in Arizona trying to help with what I could, but had to return to the place here. The plane was delayed then cancelled so it meant a too long night in the Phoenix airport where homesteading took on a different view. The first flight out was to Nashville, not Birmingham. I took it, and got downtown to see Stephen Cochran’s show at the Limelight. Among the welcome homes was this song he did.

Now at that particular time suffice to say it made an impact. I relate to the song on several levels and while it’s not comparable to what he went through, it’s enough to gain a little understanding.

So since then – over these last two years – those pieces have been shuffled, rearranged again and every time they almost fit but not quite.

In the Book of Common Prayer Psalm 91:4 says “He shall defend thee under his wings, and thou shalt be safe under his feathers: his faithfulness and truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”

Most when thinking of safety don’t think of feathers. Yet how does a chick stay safe from predators – hiding in the hen’s feathers. It brings warmth, safety and comfort under her wings.

PTSD and suicide are too often linked, and “Pieces” brings this to light to keep putting that one foot in front of the other. Keep moving forward and it sounds easy but sometimes that is a 24 hour effort. “Searching for the answers and the reasons” can be a preoccupation for which we may never find the answer. Over 30 years later (also in March), there is still much to deal with for those suicide leaves behind too.

As it is now, two years on, Connor has been here for a year. Those who have met him know he’s typical for his age but in other ways not typical at all. He’s dealt with issues that many haven’t. He dealt with both Thanksgiving and Christmas visiting his mom in hospitals, and not knowing if she knew we were there or not. He dealt with her loss. He dealt with the wrong kind of friends and remarriage of his dad last summer, and he’s dealt with learning a new life different from the old one. That’s a lot at 13 (and doesn’t cover everything that’s happened!). He wants to, like Stephen, be a Marine. He’s talked about that for several years.

Wrapping this up…call your radio stations and request this song. There are people out there who may be battling their own demons and need to reach out. Be the one who reaches out with this song wherever there’s a radio. “Pieces” from Stephen Cochran – request it. Let’s reach some folks who are hurting. Our pain means something if it helps someone else deal. It just takes a minute to request it.

There is so much that Helen and I were going to do ‘someday’ that now cannot happen. So how do we put that picture back in focus? With the link of a teenager.

In “Seven Words From the Cross” FR Andrew SDC says “The highest privilege there is, is the privilege of being allowed to share another’s pain. You talk about your pleasures to your acquaintances; you talk about your troubles to your friends.” We may feel it’s a burden to our friends, but it’s a chance for the friends to offer support. Sometimes imperfectly but we must as a community watch for each other. And we’re all community. Don’t worry…

It comes in pieces.

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