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Little People, Community & Food Twilight Zones

March 26, 2012

For those “classic” readers (I dislike the reference of older readers, and if cars are classic at 40 shouldn’t we be?!) – many remember the old episodes of the Twilight Zone.

There was one about the Little People – a rocket had gone down and an egomaniac found his own world to dominate. The people lived in fear of him stepping on their miniature world. They were out of control, and had an entire world in what would be microscopic to us. Their trees were but lichen to us.

In the episode, Craig finds the community builds statues and worships him as a God, but does so because if they don’t he walks on their homes and destroys lives. They live in fear of those larger, out of control of when disaster will strike. Towards the end, of course, Craig chases his partner off and stays to control this little world, drunk on the power. He’s alone with all of those little creatures in the miniature world, until he becomes the miniature. He yells indignantly at the giants that approach, until one picks him up and squishes him, tosses him down and all the freed little people tear down the statue they’ve built, free again.

The Twilight Zone is classic science fiction for many, but can symbolically relate to agriculture and food today. There are farms of all sizes, some see as domination. There is the fear factor, only the giant is the latest food scare…many don’t trust the food system, but equally don’t want to be a part of it.

Where the Little People episode may be classic sci fi, don’t make it today’s reality. Living in fear of food leaves you at the mercy of avoiding the next disaster. There are options – direct purchase of food or growing your own, but even those aren’t without risk.

There will always be those bigger and more powerful, and those less so. In working together, there is a community that insures all are taken care of. When all are fed and can make a decent living, it builds community.

Don’t fear food – don’t live in fear. It’s easier than ever to find answers to your food questions – and how it’s produced and processed. Take some time and learn about your food supply.


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