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Spring Beginnings

March 27, 2012

With baby bunnies being born, it’s a spring event but also goes year round here. Spring is in full swing here, with tomatoes and pepper seedlings growing.

Today we started another tray of Beaver Dam peppers, as well as mortgage lifter tomatoes. Our early seedlings – done a few weeks ago – are almost ready to go into the garden, where they have more growing room.

We also set some turkey eggs, a seabright egg and over 30 Rhode Island Red eggs – hoping they’re fertile and a good hatch! Some other breeds we’re collecting up for the next round, and planning some other rabbit matings as well.

Some building is needed too, with the impending arrival in late April of chicks, as well as any that hatch here, and some others arriving in early May. The May group will need to be housed/fed separately, due to the Cornish growth rates. Normally our growing birds get all they want to eat.

The Cornish cross (and I’m not taking chances on our pure Cornish) grow much faster, and are often criticized as some kind of a GMO dangerous chicken to grow too fast. The growth factor does mean they need special handling – including limiting the feed as they get older to slow the growth rate, preventing the heart and leg issues often attributed to them. For that reason, they’ll be raised in a different brooder, with separate feed, from our other birds. Once they’re grown they can be with the other birds.

The Rhode Island Reds are being hatched from our own birds.

We’ll be planting quite a bit more this week – it’s been a matter of patience to not plant some things too early! It’s not too late to get in on farm shares and packages.

We’re loving the warm spring weather, although some mornings are a bit cool still.

What indicates spring to you?

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