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Dio Returns & Fall Plans

April 6, 2012

So frustrating to have a nice post all done up and *poof!* it vanishes! Trying to post again, without as much detail due to time. Ack!!

Dio is home! For those who have read our pages for a while Dio was one of three of Star City’s offspring we took to the ARBA Convention last fall. Princess was Top 10 Intermediate doe, while Bargain and Dio were 4th and 5th in Intermediate bucks. Dio went to a new home in Michigan, where he’s sired some bunnies.The breeder no longer needed him, and offered him back to us. He’s in his ‘working clothes’ – but is still Dio!

Dio - our home bred Top 5 buck - is home!

We also added a needed buck of a new line, Jeff. He comes with excellent credentials as well, being 5th place senior buck at Convention, and more recently winning a ‘leg’ towards his championship. He needs three legs to be a permanent champion.

Jeff joins our breeding and show herd.

Like ours, Jeff is a little spoiled and deserving of it! We’ll be breeding several does to him, and have already bred two of the “ear” litter to him – these are daughters of Mark and Holly, so should be a really nice result. Not to be left out, one of their sisters was bred to Dio, a tight breed that could be good or could be meat bunnies. The fourth doe, Split, is due to Half Time soon.

Planning breedings for Convention is only part of the reason for looking towards fall. We also are considering those wanting turkeys for Thanksgiving – now is the time to order! In order to grow them it takes time!

Could there be a national winner in this litter? We never know! Deliberate breeding with a goal makes a difference. Note the feeder against the wall in the foreground - this is a creep feeder, which allows the babies to access feed but limits what the mama doe gets, so she doesn't get too fat.


The babies below were bred as a deliberate cross. They are Giant Chinchilla crossed on a silver fox, and does will be kept to raise meat rabbits from, while the bucks will fill our meat orders directly.

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